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About us

The word Pachouli comes from the scented herb ‘Pachouli’, stimulating the conscious mind and stabilizing the etheric mind, and symbolic of earthiness, organic aesthetics and luxury with a touch of royalty. Located in the heart of the Pink City, Jaipur, Pachouli is a one-of-a-kind shopping destination amidst the touristic regalia of the city, resplendent with rich cultural heritage reflected in the traditional lifestyle, art and architecture of the indigenous people and their surroundings. 


Around us lie the famous monuments of the yesteryears, the City Palace, Hawa Mahal and Jantar Mantar. Amidst all the opulence, a dreamer was born. Ganesh Kumar Rana, the son of Chand Bihari Lal Rana, was passionate about India’s rich history of art and handicrafts and soon began a journey into traditional textiles, giving birth to Poornima Handicrafts in 1971, treasuring the art forms of Rajasthan. Poornima was dearly welcomed into the industry, exporting home furnishings and apparel to all major countries in the world, emphasizing on the Make In India aspect, long before it was trending on social media.

Using traditional hand block printing and natural dyes, under the proud umbrella of Poornima, Pachouli came to light. As the poets would say, “from the ocean comes the salt”. Ganesh Kumar Rana’s daughter-in-law, Namrata’s vision, of spreading the textile magic in the domestic market, stepped into reality on 7th February, 2016, following the decade old legacy of handicrafts & textiles.


The finer details of a luxe lifestyle, Pachouli offers the finest, purest fabrics in apparel and home furnishings, each product designed with care and crafted with skilled expertise of our artisans, thriving to preserve the textile masterpieces. A myriad collection of clothing for men, women and children, home furnishings for all purposes; bed spreads, quilts and the famous Jaipuri Razai, along with table linen and other assorted homeware. Our blocks are manufactured locally by artisans who have been with us for over 2 decades, giving us the flexibility and command over design, along with the promise of staying true to our traditional roots.

Our team (craftsmen and designers alike), understands the purpose of the brand, and carry a true appreciation of our culture, tradition and heritage in the handicraft segment. Our inspirations lie in the local art of block printing with natural dyes, bringing an exquisite and alluring range of products to the domestic market. A perfect blend of beautifully designed and expertly curated range of apparel, home furnishings and other soft goods for the Indian audience. Our products have a story of their own, moving in sync with the wearer’s personality and emulating it.

Quality and comfort are the our salient features; our USP lies in curating, crafting and creating the best of handwoven and natural fabrics into contemporary and enticing collections